Graham’s    ESTATE   SALE 

Palmer Ave, WP

AUGUST,  ?  ?  ’21



Your number holds your place in line


9:00-3:00  Full Price & Bids, ( Bids End at 2:30 PM )

Bid the most you are willing to pay over the ½ minimum bid.


9:00-3:00  ½ Price


11:00 – 3:00   40% of Original Price

***** How To Attend Safely *****
Wear a mask at your discretion  –  Please observe “Social Distancing”

We hold all ladies’ purses, backpacks, & bags (at check out)



BIDS – written bids will be considered if the item does not sell for full price.

The minimum bid starts at $10.00 over one half of the asking price.

Bid the most you are willing to pay…the item will be sold to the highest bidder.

Please come prepared to load and pack all furniture…the staff can not assist with moving anything.